The term labor lawyer has a variety of different meanings.

The term labor lawyer has a variety of different meanings. Labor lawyers can represent employees in union proceedings, but more commonly today they represent employees in legal proceedings against employers for a wide variety of issues including: wrongful termination, employment discrimination, unpaid wages, breach of employment contracts, and sexual harassment.

Since 1993 I have represented labor. Labor is referred to as the workers. In an non-union context labor refers to all levels of workers including managerial and executive. In traditional labor relations under the Taft Harley Act labor meant those subject to collective bargaining agreements and management meant those not subject to collective bargaining agreements.

Under the California Labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) the term nonexempt and exempt deals with the distinction between management who is not subject to overtime and other labor protections and nonexempt employees who are subject to labor law protections such as meal and rest break laws.

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