Ok Color Computer afficianados this is the closest I have to a passage about a color computer.

Ok Color Computer afficianados this is the closest I have to a passage about a color computer. This is from Modem Stud, a book I wrote about the days of the CoCo


The Lemur Connection went up in February of 1983, and the ass kicking was soon thereafter, but I must digress to the beginning. Yours truly was first assigned to the case in 1981. The principal of Comando Elementary School told me Gershom never reported to the sixth grade. Early on in the case, I learned during the school day he and his alleged brother Colt used a computer to answer the telephone. Whatever the brothers typed, the modem repeated in robotic tones. For months, I was convinced I reached a number the telephone company used to test electronic communications equipment.

In November of 1981, my television set broke during the commercial before Monday Night Football. An hour passed while I sat in my chair and stroked my bald head. Maybe the scalp stimulation made me realize the excellent opportunity I had to make evening calls.

A real adult picked up the telephone at Gershom’s residence.

“This is Officer Lines. Is Mr. or Mrs. Goodman there?”

“I am Joan Goodman.”

Mrs. Goodman was the first parent I reached that year.

“I am the truant officer assigned to your son Gershom’s case. Why hasn’t he been at school this semester?”

“Oh, “she said and then paused. “He’s been very busy working on programming. You should also know he was diagnosed with a condition.”

“I’ve seen the commercials for Ron Hubbard’s books. So, you’re a Scientologist?”

“Yes, my husband is a scientist and I am a sociologist.”

“But you have to send your children to school. I could arrest you.”

“Gershom is almost done with his poker game and then he will be back at school.”

“You’re letting an eleven-year-old play poker?”

“No, he is programming a poker game.”

I asked, “Are you a hippie, or a Scientologist?”

There was silence on the other end of the receiver before I heard dial tone.

On Christmas Eve, I was in Radio Shack. The store was so damn complicated I hated the place, but I had a membership to their Battery of the Month Club. In the store, a computer was hooked up to a regular color television set.

“Pretty neat,” the salesman said to me.

The salesman pushed the, “Play” button on the tape drive. In only a few minutes a screen loaded. Sixteen different horizontal color bars were stacked on the screen. Sometime later, another screen loaded. “COLOR POKER BY GERSHOM GOODMAN,” were the words on the television set.

During the Spring Semester of ‘82, I did not follow up on Gershom’s truancy. In the fall of ‘82 he enrolled in junior high. During his first semester of seventh grade he only missed sixty days.


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  1. I thought the book about the internet before the internet should be released in the most current form of publishing which by the way is much faster than print publishing. But yes, it needs a paper edition. The paper edition was due out in late February, but there is a delay. I would not be surprised if it is not available until mid-April.

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