I need help disavowing a bad link.

I need help disavowing a bad link. The domain creates 5,000 or more links a day in irrelevant places. I tried to disavow via google, but no result. 

I am scrambling the name of this link because I do not want them getting press coverage, but if anybody has had experience with this I would like to know, and would like to advise others not to get in their directories:

a-s-k-b-e-e- it is a .net 

They also put directory in front of their domain name.

I tried to contact the webmaster to see if they would delete my links. There is a $20 fee for deleting each link. After I did this it sky rocketed from about 500-800 links to over 50,000 in a week’s time.

I am also having problems with #@inter-@cambio-@seo(Again scrambled). This one has produced over 3,000 links in irrelevant areas and tried to disavow it.

What bothers me is somebody else could maliciously enter one’s site on links like this to create choas and there is no way to get rid of them so they do not appear in your Ahref account or some other account as well as making it look like you are a spam/black hat linker with google.

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  1. Is disavowing a domain name not the way to get rid of the thousands of links from the same crap domain?

    So google can take 4-6 months to disavow a link!

    I also reported these domains to google as spam. I wonder if they ever do anything about that.

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