BEFORE THE INTERNET there was the Lemur Connection

BEFORE THE INTERNET there was the Lemur Connection

BEFORE FACEBOOK there was the Rag Board 

TRAVEL BACK to the age of double density floppy drives, dial-in connections, and the golden era of hacking.

LEARN ABOUT TECHNOLOGY when it was cool because not everybody had it!

Modem Stud, the story of the real pioneers of technology; the users, pirates, sysops, and den scientists. Understand how these weirdoes became robber barons and members of mainstream society. 

Every technology buff born after 1975 must read this story in order to understand what came before them, and to determine if they are cool enough to consider themselves technology buffs. For microcomputer users before the 1990s this is your generational story. You will laugh, cry, and nod your head.

Read this work of fiction with an open mind. The people in this story are as unusual as the alternate world they created on the internet before the internet.

Because this is the quintessential tale about the advent and growth of the new technology, we have temporarily decided to hold off on its print version so it can be delivered to users at a low eBook price publishers cannot make available for old school paper books. After all, the story of the first blogger should be available in modern form on Amazon.